Oh Lord God, I even pray over the responses to this request. I pray, love, peace & mercy, that others will bring grace instead of judgment, condemnation, hatred and legalism and carnal mindedness.
Lord right now according to the writers plea, cast out these demons, bring deliverance now, I declare that these demons shall come out, that this is not God's will for her to be possessed by demons, so I command them to go right now, your heritage given to us is freedom, life and healing, so I release her now in Jesus Name, I bind these demons & I proclaim the blood of Jesus over her, I cover her and loose her, be free now in Jesus Name... I pray also for her baby to be safe, healthy and whole as you are forming this baby in her womb, I declare protection over the baby and the pregnancy, we forbid miscarriage, we forbid loss, we forbid death... Jesus it's you forming this baby, thank you for your hands on this child on this pregnancy and your blessings on both mother & baby's lives, for protection, restoration & life, declare the shed blood & finished work of Christ in this family even over me as I pray... Lord touch Carleton, I pray for full recovery from this stroke, I pray ther will be no lasting side affects from it, I pray for speedy recovery... Father God I pray for the sondness of minds, thank you for giving her and Carletta, a Spirit of power, love & sound mind, I pray for victory in this battle ground area of their mind, will & soul, increase them and break down all lies and evey evil thing that exalts itself above Christ, Jesus, you came to destroy the works of the devil, so we partner with you today destroying his deeds in their lives , giver her your wisdom, understanding and knowledge and broaden their vision, give them direction & lead them victorious, grant them great success over their enemies, Lord I loose garments or praise and worship. Let Thanksgiving arise from their heart & soul even now as they are Being released from every dark demonic force... thank you Jesus, for you blood covering, thank you for your love, ... I breathe peace & freedom on my sisters household. Thank you Abba Father, for sending Jesus your only Son by which we are saved, healed & delivered!!!