God Wants You to Know

Daily messages to connect you with God
Message from God

Today God wants us to know that you belong.

Like a snowflake, you are same and different from all others. In a bed of snow, every snowflake belongs and every snowflake is unique.

Prayer Request

We pray for God's blessings over all children and all animals and all who are suffering and we pray for all suffering to be replaced by joy. Amen God bless and protect our schools, police, firemen, first responders, soldiers and their families and all people who give of themselves to help others and all people who have been vaccinated. God bless the US and the world. We pray for all people to come to know that Jesus Christ is our Savior Hallelujah Hallelujah

Per Your Will Lord Jesus we offer prayers and blessings of healing on all who are sick and all who are suffering and any in need in our families, our friends, neighbors and strangers, and for all of our pets and for myself and we pray for great health, free from diseases and to overcome them if we do get them and for safety in our homes and in our lives and on the roads. Amen We pray for many blessings for the angels on earth who give of themselves to help others and we pray for all homeless and all who are hungry. I pray for all the hope I have in my heart and to trust in You Jesus always and I pray for patience and guidance and inner peace and happiness for all of us and to continually grow in faith. I pray for Florida to be safe Amen Praise You our Savior Lord Jesus Christ Amen Amen

God bless us to keep us from all bad and dangerous weather and broken A/C, from all planned and unplanned power outages and extreme heat and drought, as well as sinkholes, fire and to keep us from all violence and crime, bad government, community negativity and unfairness and food & water shortages, high taxes, high bills and all plagues here and that are coming and all disease from the vax and we pray for a free country and world. I pray for all of us and all the animals on the new road and for the noise level to always be minimal Amen

Praise You Heavenly Father for Grace on us. Jesus, Please accept my prayers and that all that is in my heart and that You may be glorified in these prayers. Praise You Jesus for all blessings. Amen

I abandon myself to You my Savior. Jesus, You Take Over Amen Thank You and I love You Lord Jesus Holy Amen!.