Wilma Wilson
Jul 13, 2017

I was healed by God in the NOW days!

My Mother was in the hospital and my Sister and I went to see her on the way to a Christian meeting being held at a ladies house in town. A minister was coming to her house to pray for people as he was one of God's people who had received a gift from God. Healing by God. I had a problem, and was bleeding, and my sister seen that as we used my mother's bathroom. We went to the meeting and was all sitting in a circle and Gary was in the midst of us praying for another lady. His wife was standing by the wall, outside of the ring of chairs. She spoke up and said, calling me by name, saying that God had told her that I had a fallen bladder and was bleeding. Gary didn't even have to pray for me as I was suddenly feeling in the pit of my lower front a sudden warmth and the sensation that a hand was squeezing me tightly. It was the hand of God! Gary then stopped and prayed for me, but God had already fixed me. No one but my sister knew of my problem as she had seen the blood earlier in the stool. We looked at each other in pure thankfulness of God's grace. To this day I have not had a problem with my bladder. I owe it all to my Savior and his LOVE for us as his daughter's in Christ. I have also heard him once in my life, when I was at one of my lowest times, say, "PEACE BE WITH THEE DAUGHTER." When I am having problems, I think of that night and his beautiful voice speaking to me. I hope that again I will hear him speak to me again. I've been told by my pastor that all I have to do is to listen. I thank God for God!