Linda Sear
Jul 16, 2022

Prayer Request

My Twitter friend/follower Elizabeth is blind and disabled, has sadly also been dealing with cancer, and is actually a friend/follower (and vice versa) who is moving to Saskatchewan as she has been accepted into affordable housing there for herself and her guide dog. She otherwise has been living alone and on her own. 🙁
She has NO family either to help her as her parents are both deceased.
I thought I would share this in the hopes that some of you would be willing and able to help her with the associated costs of her upcoming move.

As her friend Janet has stated on her page, ''This money will be used for the very high travel costs, securing the apartment, utility hookups at the new place and the cost of disposing of Elizabeth's current possessions. It turns out we didn't have enough money to ship Elizabeth's possessions.'

PLEASE pray that Elizabeth will raise the funds she needs to be able to move out of province to Saskatchewan, as soon as possible, as she is truly deserving of this, and on top of being blind and having cancer, has to also deal sometimes with some incredibly thoughtless, ignorant, and rude people even just going for a walk with her guide dog where a young kid had the audacity to smack her on the back of her head and swore at her to get out of the way. :(

Thank you on behalf of my friend for your prayers and for your kind generosity.

This is the link here to her Go Fund Me page: