Prayer Request

O Lord I come to you, what a turmoil with this coronavirus pandemic. O Lord people in panic and afraid. Many more infections worldwide, but not normally much in China, Italy, Iran and the United States of America and now also a lot in Spain, Germany, France and England. It is also rising rapidly in the Netherlands. Many people die. Many measures are being taken. Many countries locked down, no air traffic, borders closed, schools closed, restaurants closed, no church services. Funerals must all be small groups. Peoples in quarantined. Many people are stressed about their financial situation, they may lose their jobs, go bankrupt, can no longer pay their burdens. It is going to be chaos. In Aruba it is also chaos now. Aruba has tourism as the largest source of income and yes tourism is now flat there. Lord intervene. Lord have mercy on this world that there will be a vaccination soon and a good treatment for it and that there will be no more infections and that more people will heal and there will be far fewer deaths and that it will no longer be so contagious and all that return to normal and that everything will return to normal and that the schools will open normally again and that the shops will open normally again and that the airports will open again and air traffic will return to normal and tourism will get going again. Lord protect me from contamination. Protect my parents in Aruba my mother 76, my father 72 years, my sister, my nephews and José and everyone else. Lord help us. Lord have mercy on us in Jesus name Amen.